1.Combo hybrid solar charger and inverter design. MPPT efficiency > 98%, whole peak conversion efficiency > 93%.

2.Multiple application modes for choice freely, including self-use mode, uninterruptible power mode, power generation mode and aggregative mode, and three-phase free network mode.

3.Low THD and high PF design (THD only 1% & PF> 0.99).

4.Rich communication interface, including CAN bus, RS485, etc.

5. Complete protections; output over/low voltage protection, over/low frequency protection, over current protection, battery over/low voltage protection, over temperature protection

6.Fast switch for PV/battery, PV/power grid, Battery/power grid to sure the uninterrupted power supply, In uninterrupted power supply mode to realize quick charge, absorb charge and floating charge. Under the condition of battery discharge, it effectively protect battery life, supply unattended mode power solutions